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er culture with stereotypes and prejudice, and this cou▓ld help diminish a lot of hatred and violence," he said.In today's highly visual, digital culture, the challenge is "how to get literature in front of people," Laughlin sai▓d."We are all still reading. Our relationship with p▓aper is changing...the amount of reading happening on screens is surprisingly voluminous, includi▓ng my own," he said. "So it's about us helping it proliferate through so▓cial media, with hashtags

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and through opinion influencers."Science fiction from China, which is highly literary, has a lot of momentum in ▓digital culture, especially now that it is coming out in movie form such as The Wandering Earth▓, he noted.He said Liu Cixin's fictional wo▓rlds, such as the one in the Three Body Problem, point to the past history and culture, and▓ invite readers to explore further.Simi

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larly, gamers m▓ay encounter The Three Kingdoms, a 14th-century histor▓ical novel considered as one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature, in the form of a game, and it and other novels in the form of fan fiction, he said."I don't know how much fan fiction can lead readers back to gr▓eat original literary works, but we can explore the possibilities," he said. "The motivation or rationale to do so is to engage w

ith the feelings of a Chinese historical subjectivity, and▓ through it learn what matters to people in Ch▓inese society rather than simply have it explained."Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR

Code to follow us ▓on WechatIsrael's attorney general of▓ficially announced on Thursday that he has decided ▓to indict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on c▓orruption charges after months of specul▓ation.Netanyahu charged with corruption, deepening Israel's

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political crisisNetanyahu charged with co▓rruption, deepening Israel's

political▓ crisis11-22-2019 10:00 BJTJERUSALEM, Nov. 21 -- Israel's attorney general officially announced on Thursday that he has decided to indict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on corruption charges after months of speculation.The announcement comes as Israel finds

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i▓tself in muddy political waters, after two inconclusive elections that have left the country with an interim▓ government for almost a year.Netanyahu has been under investigation for three years and has consistently denied any wrong-do▓ing. Among other offen

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ses, he is charged with giving benefits worth of hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars, in return for favorable headlines i

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